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Melissa Spamer & Sara Easterson-Bond

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September 21-28, 2024

Melissa Spamer & Sara Easterson-Bond


Retreat with Melissa Spamer & Sara Easterson-Bond

Treat yourself to seven delightful days in paradise, savoring the wonders of life at its best. Melissa and Sara welcome you to La Rosa dei 4 Venti, a remarkable retreat center steeped in the ideals of yoga and dedicated to providing its guests a truly nourishing space in which to retreat.

Enjoy the Italian countryside, together with daily dives into yoga and meditation, opportunities for exploring our surroundings and lively conversations.

Italy, its people and food abound with beauty. Italians seem to understand so well how to create a life that is pleasurable, healthy, meaningful, relaxed and rooted in priorities that the rest of the world have forsaken.

During these seven delightful days we’ll practice life “Italian style.”  There will be time to explore, play, and be in community; as well as quiet time for healing massage, private reflection and peaceful solitude. Dive into the restoring practices of yoga, friendship and adventure – and rediscover the sweetness of life!

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