Forest Bathing

The Private Wood of La Rosa dei 4 Venti offer a wellness pathway to rest and relax, experiencing the regenerative power of  plants and nature.

90,000 square metres of land, with specifically created resting areas for the practice of  ” Forest Bathing and Forest Therapy ” to improve the energetic status and the functioning of the organs of the human body, rapidly reducing the psychological and physical stress and increasing the overall sense of well-being.

The Forest Bathing is a nature-based intervention that aims to promote positive mental health states and enhance physical and social health by enhancing nature connectedness, interpersonal relationships and social cohesion.

Known in Japan as ” Shinrin-yoku ” a practice or process of therapeutic relaxation where one spends time in a forest or natural atmosphere, focusing on sensory engagement to connect with nature. Similar to other adopted east-to-west health trends, such as Yoga and Meditation, in that it has been linked to numerous health benefits and can be performed solo, guided, and/or with others.

The Private Wood is located within the natural areas identified and recognized by the Ministry of the Environment and Protection of Land and Sea as “Sites of Community Interest” (SIC). Strategic areas for the protection of habitats of European importance; those natural and semi-natural habitats that risk disappearing or that are linked to animal or plant species threatened by extinction.


New Forest and resting areas images coming soon….