About La Rosa


People at La Rosa carefully work in creating and offering the best environment to welcome retreats, workshops, trainings, events and all the disciplines related to psychophysical, spiritual and moral well-being.
The aim is to create a healthy, positive and regenerating environment, safeguarding the exceptional energy and tranquility of the surroundings.
We promote a careful and sensitive approach, from our food philosophy to the attention for details, and we ensure that all these meaningful values are met into an unique experience.

The activities of La Rosa dei 4 Venti assists to spread and apply a humanist and social vision of tourism based on social cohesion, unity and sharing, meeting and communication and improvement of human relations.
Through the form of retreats and holistic holidays we develop social connections, opportunities for cultural enrichment, promotion and exploitation of local resources.

La Rosa dei 4 Venti is an Amateur Sports Association (A.S.D.):
– Affiliated to AICS (Italian Association of Culture and Sport) with code nr. 101815
– Registered and recognized by CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee) with nr. 186184
– Affiliated to ISTO-OITS (International Social Tourism Organization) and recognized as part of Board of Actors of Social Tourism, local and regional level.

Useful Links & Files:
Statute – La Rosa dei 4 Venti – eng. – pdf
Statuto – La Rosa dei 4 Venti – pdf
LRD4V – Admission form for Associates
LRD4V – Modulo ammissione per soci e tesserati

Affiliazione AICS 2024
Iscrizione al Registro Nazionale delle Attività Sportive Dilettantistiche – DIPARTIMENTO PER LO SPORT – 2024

Contributi Statali Covid 19 – Anno 2020
Contributi Statali Covid 19 – Anno 2021