The small church was erected in the year 1697, retains its original stone altar from when it was originally consecrated. The architrave above the entrance has the Latin phrase “IPSA CARMELI VIRGO NOS ADIUVET”, a dedication to the figure of the Virgin of Carmel, who was devoted to the ancient friars who stayed here.

On the back wall there is a 17th century framed fresco, painted in tempera, which depicts the “Virgin of Carmel with Saints Elia and Peter Thomas, receiving the scapular”. The renovation also unearthed, almost intact, other precious frescoes from the 17th century adorning the back wall and side walls of the Church.
To one side of this central panel there is a depiction of the Archangel Michael slaying the Dragon, and on the other Saint Nicholas, while along the side walls are wall paintings of eight Saints, among whom we recognize Saint Francis, Saint Rita and Saint Anthony.